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Masuda Funai represents domestic and foreign-owned businesses from nearly every industry and profession regarding their commercial, competition and trade law challenges and objectives. Our decades of experience give us a unique perspective for analyzing the complex issues inherent in such matters, and in designing solutions that minimize our clients’ exposure to risk while strengthening their chances for success.

Our competition and trade experience includes legal counsel pertaining to antitrust, unfair trade practices, import and export compliance, domestic and international sales and distribution agreements, secured sales arrangements, nationwide and cross-border logistics and FDA compliance, as well as government contracts, Buy American and Made in America matters. We counsel clients on the various federal and state laws and court decisions that impact today’s competitive economy, including competitor collusion and false and/or deceptive and corrupt trade practices. We advise on pricing, trade secrets and intellectual property, false advertising, employee raiding and violations of covenants not to compete.

Our firm understands the legal and economic circumstances underlying trade-related initiatives. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in technical areas of the Lanham Act, federal and state fraud statutes, trade secret laws, the Sherman, Clayton and Robinson-Patman Antitrust Acts, trade dress and trade disparagement laws, as well the Buy American Act and Buy America provisions.

We know how to interact with the state and federal agencies that supervise and govern competition and trade, including the Departments of State, Justice and Commerce, as well as the Federal Trade Commission and Food & Drug Administration. We are dedicated to overcoming the specific U.S. legal challenges presented by domestic, international, digital and commercial traffic in goods, services and communications. The true value of the counsel and representation our lawyers provide in competition and trade law is not only measured by the number of projects successfully completed for scores of regional and nationwide manufacturing, distribution, sales and service systems of domestic and foreign companies, but also by the many thriving working relationships we maintain with clients who retain us again and again.

In the event litigation should arise, we help our clients with domestic and cross-border disputes involving sophisticated competition issues. Our global network of resources allows us to leverage the experience of legal professionals worldwide in order to deliver comprehensive advice on domestic and international trade.

Range of Services Experience


Advised a supplier of industrial machinery on supply of production equipment to a leading manufacturer of electric cars.

Helped a manufacturer of capital equipment conclude an Equipment Development and Purchase Agreement with a major Silicon Valley consumer electronics brand, while protecting the manufacturer's key intellectual property rights, and minimizing its exposure to indemnification and liability.
Helped an electronic components manufacturer prove the accuracy of its pricing in a pricing dispute with a worldwide manufacturer of optical and electronic products under strategic agreement.
Representation of a large Japanese manufacturer of industrial equipment (and its foreign subsidiaries) in the restructuring of its supply arrangements and licensing of manufacturing technology with its European counterpart (and subsidiaries) worldwide, attributable for sales of several hundred million dollars annually.
Advised a component manufacturer of name brand consumer electronics in an investigation of breach of secure supply chain by a third party utilizing components for a competing brand.
Successfully represented an importer of industrial tools before U.S. Customs authority in prior disclosure proceedings which avoided penalties on $10 million worth of imported merchandise.
Advised a major manufacturer of mechanical components on impacts and financial strategy necessary to respond to U.S. antidumping and counterveiling duty orders on imported steel products.
Advised an automated production equipment supplier on export control regulation compliance in supply of equipment to a major manufacturer of commercial spacecraft.

Settled on highly favorable terms claims of wrongful dealer termination pending in federal court in Puerto Rico against a manufacturer of outdoor power equipment.

Successfully represented companies in state and federal court on trade secret protection, unfair competition, breach of fiduciary duty and tortious inference cases.

Obtained a judgment in excess of $400,000 in federal court for a Japanese bank concerning a dispute over a standby letter of credit.
Prepared and negotiated secured financing agreements for the sale of industrial equipment in the United States and Mexico.
Prepared, negotiated and implemented standard and customized contracts, including sales representative, distributorship and terms and conditions of sale agreements, for a variety of industries, such as printing presses, electronic components, automotive parts and machine tools.

Negotiated numerous equipment sale and finance agreements, including long-term agreements representing hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and financing.

Negotiated software development, licensing and distribution agreements for an international video game developer and distributor.


Richard O. Briggs
Of Counsel, Los Angeles
P 310.630.5900
Jerry U. Carter
Associate, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Steven L. Katz
Principal, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
George H. Kobayashi
Principal, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Reinhold F. Krammer
Principal, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Asa W. Markel
Principal, Los Angeles
P 310.630.5900
Monika R. Oyama
Associate, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Joseph S. Parisi
Principal, Schaumburg
P 847.734.8811
Stephen M. Proctor
Principal, Schaumburg
P 847.734.8811
Austin C. Redman
Associate, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Nancy E. Sasamoto
Principal, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
John B. Stanis
Principal, Schaumburg
P 847.734.8811
Edward J. Underhill
Principal, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Gary Vist
Principal, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Jiwon Juliana Yhee
Associate, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
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