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Both the American labor movement and the National Labor Relations Board continue to be forces both non-unionized and unionized companies must confront. Practically every business decision includes a labor relations issue because the National Labor Relations Act applies to all companies in the U.S., except those exempted for various reasons. One wrong step may have a tremendous impact on a company’s operations and its bottom line. Masuda Funai is appreciated for providing practical and proactive advice regarding union-related activity. We are known for legal solutions that support, rather than hinder, constructive employee relations even in the most competitive and/or distressed market segments.

Our attorneys advise on and assist employers with developing union avoidance strategies, organizing and implementing pro-company/anti-union campaigns, protecting companies during union elections and, if a union represents employees in a company, negotiating and implementing collective bargaining agreements as well as representing companies during the grievance/arbitration process. We help clients initiate effective workplace communications and develop the constructive work atmosphere that is paramount to remaining union-free. We have been successful in preventing and responding to union campaigns as well as negotiating collective bargaining agreements, dealing with grievances, and guiding employers in establishing a harmonious relationship with existing unions.

We know, from hands-on experience, what can influence employees to turn to unions, how unions target and organize a workforce, and how unions organize and represent employees. As a result, whether union-free or unionized, we work in collaboration with employers to design and execute measures that consider and address employee concerns and foster a productive and mutually beneficial business culture. We also offer management and supervisor training programs on the topic of lawfully maintaining a union-free work place, as well as regularly design, review and update policies and procedures that are congruent with union relations objectives.