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In today’s economic environment, employee mobility is a challenge for employers and protecting their proprietary information, trade secrets, inventions and relationships with customers is critical. Confidentiality is an imperative, and protecting customer goodwill is central to any multi-dimensional business strategy. Masuda Funai advises business owners, supervisors and managers on all aspects of trade secrets, restrictive covenants and unfair competition law and litigation.

Our attorneys draft employee confidentiality, non-disclosure, inventions, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements. Properly written agreements aid in protecting the employer’s assets and proprietary information from disclosure, misuse and theft, as well as prohibit former employees from disclosing trade secrets, starting a new and competing venture and soliciting the employer’s customers and employees. In addition, we advise on the creation of policies and procedures that prevent the migration of confidential information before potential damage can occur. This includes onsite training programs covering such topics as safeguarding sensitive trade secrets, hiring and termination policies and practices.

Our firm has a track record of success in enforcing such agreements both in and out of court. Our litigators are skilled in prosecuting and defending claims of the misappropriation of trade secrets, disclosure of confidential information and breach of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements in state and federal courts across the country. Such claims frequently require decisive action and rapid response, so we act quickly and precisely to fortify our clients’ position and assets by pursuing temporary restraining orders and injunctions.