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News & Events: Webinar

Wage & Hour Laws, Performance Management, Rights, and Responsibilities



August 7, 2019
4-5pm PDT / 6-7pm CDT / 7-8pm EDT


Online Webinar

Presented in Japanese, Sachiyo Yamada Miller discusses the challenges of Japanese companies seeking to conduct business in the U.S., and Japanese companies who have been conducting business in the U.S. for many years and often find U.S. employment laws to be complex and confusing.

Topics of this Japanese-language webinar include:

  • How to classify an employee as exempt or non-exempt.
  • What are the issues surrounding commissions?
  • Do employees receive pay when they are traveling?
  • How should companies respond, investigate, and resolve an employee’s complaint about harassment?
  • What are an employee’s rights when s/he gets injured at the workplace?

Sachiyo is an attorney in Masuda Funai’s California office, specializing in employment law. Sachiyo obtained a college degree in Japan and, after having worked for a semiconductor and communication devices manufacturer in Nagoya, Japan, moved to the U.S. where she obtained her law license. Sachiyo understands Japanese business culture and etiquette. Because of her extensive exposure to both Japanese and U.S. cultures, Sachiyo effectively communicates legal solutions to Japanese parent companies and their U.S. subsidiaries.

Webinar and Materials Will Be Presented in Japanese.

Questions? Please contact Renee Medema at or 312.245.7500.