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Employment Virtual Seminar Series: Non-Unionized Companies in 2020 & Beyond



September 22, 2020
12:00-1:00 pm CDT


Online Webinar

During the COVID-19 pandemic several employees, required to return to work, were social distancing in the lunchroom and started a conversation about the lack of hand sanitizer and masks. One of the employees was instigating the conversation and creating an atmosphere of heightened concern. The Director of Operations happened to pass by and wanted to put an end to the conversation to silence the concerns and even considered firing the employee instigating the conversation. The Director of Operations had a conversation with the Human Resources Manager who drafted a policy directing employees not to talk about COVID-19 issues and if any person was contacted by the media, only management was allowed to respond not employees. Human Resources also introduced new Internet use and social media policies to address COVID-19 issues.

  • What are the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers of non-unionized companies?
  • How do non-unionized companies lessen their risks of prosecution by the National Labor Relations Board?

Attend this webinar to learn from Alan the parameters of a company’s actions. 

Questions? Please contact Renee Medema at or 312.245.7500.