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Three COVID-19 Employment Issues in 2022 All HR Managers Should Consider


As we begin 2022, three issues will continue to demand the attention of human resource professionals and management. Regardless of company size, all employers will continue to be required to comply with constantly changing safety requirements, employee resignations, and employees who simply view their work-life differently in response to COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 Does Not Appear to be Weakening: In response, federal and state officials continue to provide additional or revised guidance on everything from vaccinations, booster shots, social distancing, and masking requirements. The official guidance is sometimes conflicting and incompatible with traditional business practices. We recommend that all companies pause and evaluate how to best comply with these ever-changing safety and masking requirements. For example, your company may benefit from the formation of a COVID-19 committee composed of key functional areas (HR, manufacturing, R&D, distribution) who together evaluate and respond to these changing requirements.   
  • COVID-19 has Caused Many Employees to Simply Quit, which has created a significant number of open positions. To fill these openings, many companies have been forced to raise starting wages, offer significant signing bonuses, promise to eliminate overtime, and/or provide other benefits. When offering new or enhanced benefits to applicants, companies must also consider the impact these enhancements will have on the morale of all comparable existing employees. Often, the best solutions come from access to more information. We recommend that all human resource professionals join at least one local or national organization dedicated to human resource issues. Many of these organizations provide survey data, peer group discussions, and message boards that allow for an exchange of ideas. When searching for hiring and recruiting solutions, there’s a good chance another human resource professional is experiencing a similar challenge and will be receptive to sharing their solutions or ideas.
  • COVID-19 has Caused Many Employees to Re-Evaluate Their Work-Life Balance, resulting in more applicants and employees requesting flexible work arrangements. Having worked remotely for almost two years, many job applicants and existing employees report a desire to work remotely either on a flexible or more permanent basis. By now, because most companies can articulate the effects of remote work on their business operations and culture, we recommend that all companies draft their business plans with a clear philosophical statement regarding remote work. By providing a clear statement on remote work, companies can attract and retain employees who fit their shared philosophy.

Given the fluidity of the COVID-19 pandemic, our recommendation is to continue to monitor the legal updates, newsflashes, and client advisories that our Employment Group sends on a timely basis when changes occur in the law. If you are not already subscribed, please click here.

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