Masuda Funai Principals to Speak at Japan Patent Litigation Seminars

Masuda Funai Principals, Gary Vist and Joseph Saltiel, will be speaking at the upcoming 3rd Annual Litigation Seminar being held in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan on July 24 and 25.

How to Protect Your Business from Patent Trolls

  • Latest Developments in E-Discovery, Gary Vist, Masuda Funai
  • Introduction of an Artificial-intelligence-powered IP Evaluation System, Hajime Shirasaka, UBIC, Inc.
  • Patent Trolls and Recent Updates in U.S. Patent Law, Joseph Saltiel, Masuda Funai
  • Patent Trolls Countermeasures - Prepare Initial Response in Emergencies, Ayumu Iijima, Kitahama Partners

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