Visiting Attorney at Masuda Funai

Chicago, IL- Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd. is pleased to announce that Mr. Kazuma Higuchi has joined the Chicago office as part of the Firm's Visiting Foreign Attorney Program.  The Visiting Foreign Attorney Program is a result of Masuda Funai's close connection with Japanese business.  For many years, the Firm has maintained this unique Program in which a lawyer licensed to practice law in Japan (bengoshi) will intern with the Firm for a one to two-year period. This has facilitated an important sharing of information and insight, and has been mutually beneficial to the Firm and our clients, as well as to the Visiting Attorneys.

In Japan, Mr. Higuchi is an attorney at Ohhara Law Office in Tokyo.  He has a variety of experience including civil litigation, corporate law, employment law, real estate, family law, and criminal defense.  In addition, he has represented major Japanese companies in negotiating both domestic and international disputes and prepared numerous business agreements.  He has also been actively involved in many M&A cases to make extensive risk analysis.

At Masuda Funai, Mr. Higuchi focuses on business, litigation and distribution and sales law.  Mr. Higuchi received his Bachelor of Law from Keio University in 1999, a Master's in Language and Society from the Graduate School of Hitotsubashi University in 2002 and his LL.M. from the University of Michigan Law School in 2007.