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11/08/2017 Masuda Funai's 2018 Leading Lawyers
11/08/2017 Masuda Funai's 2018 Emerging Lawyers
11/02/2017 Kathleen Gaber authored an article featured on Alliott Group's Website
09/29/2017 Masuda Funai Hosted Its Annual Employment, Labor & Benefits Seminar
08/31/2017 Masuda Funai Lawyers Named Super Lawyers for 2018
08/11/2017 Masuda Funai Represents JENOPTIK in Campus Facility Purchase
08/03/2017 David Stein Admitted to Practice Law in New York
07/07/2017 Masuda Funai Attends Investment Summit in Washington, D.C. on Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
06/22/2017 Kubota Tractor's General Counsel Joins Masuda Funai
06/16/2017 Gary Vist and Michael Golenson Speaking at the 6th Annual Litigation Seminars in Japan
06/16/2017 Masuda Funai Hosts Networking Reception on "Smart Cities"
06/14/2017 Masuda Funai Represents Mitsubishi Group Subsidiary in Sale of Headquarters
05/25/2017 The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Awards Excellence in Pro Bono Service to Frank J. Del Barto and David J. Stein
05/23/2017 Masuda Funai Represents ECHO in Headquarter Expansion
05/19/2017 Masuda Funai Addresses Japanese Keidanren Delegation at Breakfast Hosted by Governor Rauner
05/18/2017 Masuda Funai Attends International Conference in Berlin on Tech Startups and Cross-Border Expansion
05/08/2017 Masuda Funai Showcases Excellence in Litigation Wins
05/08/2017 Masuda Funai Represents Mitsubishi Group Subsidiary in HQ Relocation
05/08/2017 Masuda Funai Represents Sodick in a Build-to-Suit Transaction
05/01/2017 Alan Kaplan authored an article featured on Alliott Group's Website
04/04/2017 Masuda Funai Represents Okabe in a Build-to-Suit Transaction
03/31/2017 Kathleen Gaber and Joseph Parisi Speaking at the 110th Swiss Machine Tool Society Meeting
03/21/2017 Masuda Funai Showcases Excellence in Litigation Win
03/13/2017 Alan Kaplan authored an article featured on Alliott Group's Website
03/09/2017 Tim Hammersmith authored an article featured in the Newsletter of the Illinois State Bar Association
03/09/2017 Jennifer Watson Speaking at the GACC Midwest's 2017 SME Forum
03/02/2017 Masuda Funai Showcases Excellence in Litigation Win
02/06/2017 Masuda Funai Elects Two Attorneys as Equity Principals
02/06/2017 Reinhold F. Krammer and Thomas P. McMenamin co-authored an article featured in the German American Chamber of Commerce Midwest Report
09/30/2016 Shane Devins Authors Article for the ABAs Young Lawyer's Publication, The Affiliate
08/26/2016 Masuda Funai Lawyers Named Super Lawyers for 2017
07/06/2016 Shane Devins Authors American Bar Association Article
06/29/2016 Masuda Funai Attorneys Named Leading Lawyers and Emerging Lawyers
06/28/2016 Masuda Funai Hosted Legal Symposium for General Counsel
06/20/2016 Gary Vist and Joseph Saltiel to Speak at Japan Seminars
06/02/2016 Masuda Funai LA Lawyers Named Rising Stars for 2016
05/02/2016 Masuda Funai Joins State of Illinois Delegation at Hannover Messe in Germany
02/08/2016 Shane Devins Contributes to Alliott Group Ride Sharing Report
02/03/2016 Masuda Funai Promotes Two Attorneys
02/01/2016 Shane Devins Co-Authors Illinois Bar Journal Article
01/21/2016 Masuda Funai and HRoundtable Host Seminar on January 28
01/08/2016 Alan M. Kaplan Speaks at Illinois workNet Event
12/01/2015 Masuda Funai Named a Top Law Firm in 2015 by Midwest Real Estate News
07/29/2015 Masuda Funai Attorneys Named 2015 Leading Lawyers and Emerging Lawyers
06/11/2015 Masuda Funai to Participate in State of Illinois Seminars in Japan
05/21/2015 Joseph Saltiel Published in April Law360 Article
04/27/2015 Tim Hammersmith Co-Authors Article for the Illinois Bar Journal
04/13/2015 Masuda Funai Attorneys Named Leading Lawyers
03/19/2015 Masuda Funai's Alan M. Kaplan to Participate in Union Webinar on March 24
01/30/2015 Masuda Funai Principals Named Super Lawyers for 2015
01/29/2015 Joseph Saltiel to Participate in Patent Webinar
01/09/2015 Masuda Funai Promotes Esther Contreras
11/21/2014 Joseph Saltiel Published in November Law360 Article
10/20/2014 David Alexander Speaks at U.S. Shopping Center Law Conference
08/11/2014 Masuda Funai Principal Joseph Saltiel Publishes Law360 Article
07/01/2014 Masuda Funai Principals to Speak at Japan Patent Litigation Seminars
06/11/2014 Masuda Funai Expands IP Litigation Practice with Lateral Hire
01/24/2014 Masuda Funai Elects Three Attorneys as Income Principals
01/24/2014 Masuda Funai Elects Two Attorneys as Equity Principals
01/17/2014 Jennifer Watson Speaks at AM&AA Conference
11/11/2013 Frank Del Barto Featured in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Article
08/15/2013 Masuda Funai Principals Speak at AILA Conference in San Francisco
07/31/2013 Masuda Funai Immigration Attorneys Speak at AILA Annual Conference
06/06/2013 Masuda Funai's Schaumburg Office Has Relocated
05/22/2013 Edward Underhill Authors Article for Illinois Bar Journal
05/10/2013 Frank Del Barto Receives Distinguished Service Award
02/19/2013 Masuda Funai Promotes David J. Alexander and Benjamin F. Gould
01/29/2013 Kathleen Gaber Interviewed by
01/15/2013 Masuda Funai's Board of Directors Elects New Officers
11/01/2012 Masuda Funai Sponsors NAFSA Conference
10/29/2012 Masuda Funai Joins Alliott Group
09/28/2012 Masuda Funai Attends Midwest U.S.-Japan/Japan-Midwest U.S. Associations Conference
05/01/2012 Masuda Funai Attorneys Discuss Cross-Border Transactions With Mid-Market Dealmakers
12/06/2011 Rein F. Krammer to Introduce President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber at Event
04/18/2011 State of Illinois Announces Japan Relief Effort
01/10/2011 Masuda Funai and Kitahama Partners Establish International Collaboration
01/06/2011 Masuda Funai Attorneys Named 2011 Illinois Super Lawyers
12/03/2010 Photos from the Business Group Executive Roundtable - November 4, 2010
11/19/2010 Masuda Funai's Board Elects New President and Chairman
10/04/2010 Masuda Funai Welcomes Junko Kawai as Visiting Attorney
07/29/2010 Masuda Funai Promotes Robert S. White and Jason M. Metnick
04/13/2010 Masuda Funai Welcomes New Associate Benjamin F. Gould
04/09/2010 Masuda Funai Principals attend High Speed Rail Events
04/09/2010 Alan Kaplan to Moderate Labor Law Webinar
04/01/2010 Dayne Kono Participates in the 2010 Japanese American Leadership Delegation
03/18/2010 Stephen M. Proctor Named Author of the Year by Lexology
01/31/2010 Creating a Global Workforce: Transferring Non-U.S. Citizen Personnel to the United States
09/14/2009 Jennifer R.M.C. Watson to Participate in the Illinois CPA Society's 2009 Mergers & Acquisitions Conference
07/27/2009 Masuda Funai Promotes Yamamoto to Income Principal
06/11/2009 Mr. Bob White of the Firm's Immigration Group is Appointed to the AILA Verification and Documentation Liaison Committee
04/28/2009 David Alexander Featured in Real Property Newsletter
02/04/2009 Six Masuda Funai Attorneys Named to Leading Lawyers Network
10/22/2008 Two Associates Join Masuda Funai's Immigration Practice Group
10/20/2008 Mr. Bob White Speaks at AILA Workshop
08/26/2008 New Associates Join Masuda Funai
08/26/2008 Masuda Funai Promotes Three Attorneys to Income Principal
04/07/2008 Mr. Bob White of the Firm's Immigration Group Visits Washington, DC Twice in the Past Month to Lobby for Immigration Reform
10/08/2007 Nancy E. Sasamoto Featured in LCA Commentary
09/20/2007 Visiting Attorney at Masuda Funai
08/14/2007 Nancy E. Sasamoto Appointed Advisor to AABA Board
07/12/2007 Nancy E. Sasamoto Inducted into the Litigation Counsel of America
06/05/2007 New Associates Join Masuda Funai
05/16/2007 Alan M. Kaplan Appointed Chair of ISBA's Labor & Employment Law Section Council
03/27/2007 Kathleen Gaber Featured in HCPro Publication
01/29/2007 Masuda Funai's Annual Immigration Law Seminar
12/18/2006 AILF/AILA Recognizes Mr. Bob White for his Contribution to the 2006 Chicago Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest for Fifth Grade Students
08/31/2006 Bob White to Speak at AILA National Fall Conference in New York
07/01/2006 Gary Vist Makes Income Principal at Masuda Funai
06/07/2006 Ed Underhill's UCC Article Featured in the Illinois Bar Journal
05/01/2006 Alan Kaplan Appointed Vice-Chair of State Bar Council
04/07/2006 Masuda Funai Presents Seminar for Japanese Employers
02/01/2006 Mr. White Featured in The Landscape Contractor
01/20/2006 Ten Masuda Funai Attorneys Named to Illinois Super Lawyers List
11/01/2005 Masuda Funai's Chairman Featured in Kigyo Gaikyo News
10/18/2005 New Associate joins Masuda Funai
09/19/2005 Mr. Bob White of the Firm's Immigration Group is Appointed to the Leadership Team of NAFSA: Association of International Educators
07/25/2005 Rising Partners at Masuda Funai
07/01/2005 Firm Featured in Chicago Lawyer Magazine
02/14/2005 Annual Immigration Law Seminar
01/31/2005 Mr. Robert White Appointed to AILA Healthcare Initiative Committee
09/08/2004 Masuda Funai's Redesigned Website Incorporates New Features
06/14/2004 Robert White Elected Chair of Chicago Chapter of AILA
11/04/2003 Masuda Funai Expands and Relocates Downtown Office
03/17/2003 Masuda Funai Expands and Relocates Suburban Office